Trucking Awesome Owner & Operator

Lauren knows what is like first hand to have excess piles of trash/debris and no simple way to get rid of it.   She wanted to jump into the industry and create a business model different then what else is out there.  With a focus on personal & customized service, we want to help you hit your goals to declutter your property!  Lauren is the momma of two boys. This is my full-time gig and keeps me going.  Lauren is supported by her long time partner & best friend, Jared.  (Who is really awesome and you'll for sure see him occasionally on pickups!) Creating community is important to Lauren. She has been able to do that through this business. She is very thankful for the kind people she has encountered. It's been very refreshing especially after this past year.  In her free time (haha)  Lauren also loves baking pastries, cooking yummy meals, working in her garden, and painting!